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Wątek: Fisker Karma czym diagnozować?

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    Domyślnie Fisker Karma czym diagnozować?

    Czy mieliście do czynienia z samochodem Fisker Karma? Czym a raczej jako jakie auto to diagnozować? Głównie chodzi o moduł baterii

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    Domyślnie Odp: Fisker Karma czym diagnozować?

    z tego co sie dowiedziałem bedzie problem z tym autem bo firma zbankrutowała w 2012 roku ciezko zdobyc jakiekolwiek informacje


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    Domyślnie Odp: Fisker Karma czym diagnozować?

    Takie coś znalazłem... Chyba pozamiatane, chyba, że gdzieś w czeluściach internetu coś się uchowało... :P

    I see a lot of posts people want to buy the Fisker scan tool .Let me try and clear up some issues or questions about the tool .
    1 The inter face that connects to the OBD 11 is called the WDI tool it's made by Omnitech . The dealer cost is $4000.00 the tool has an adapter that it uses to communicate with the drive motors and inverters this make the tool a four channel tool .

    2 The laptop isn't anything special we use the Panasonic tough book with built in BlueTooth Fisker doesn't use a proprietary BlueTooth unlike other car companies

    3 The biggest problem the software that runs on the laptop wasn't sent to us on a disc it came off a main frame and was loaded onto the laptop and updates were also done the same way . Since the website that gives me access to that software has been shutdown I no longer can get updates .

    4 I have on my lap top two of them the latest software if something should happen to the hard drive or any other problem I will not be able to replace the software .

    Fisker being a green company didn't use paper for shop manuals all was stored on the main frame the same thing for the software no discs .

    As long as my laptop continues to work I can check cars for faults you can buy a generic scan tool I have one that costs $20.00 it will plug into the OBD port and actually communicate with the car . It will give you limited faults and it clear a check engine light provided it can communicate with the proper module.

    So now you have to,ask your self after you spent the 4K on the WDI how are you,going to get the software if anyone finds a way please let me know also. Oh also by the way the software that we use for the CIU that's the radio and the Nav unit eats downloaded to the desk top of the PC then I transfer that software to a thumb drive .Then it goes into the USB port center console and then the Lap top starts the software download to the Carmel.That software also needs a separate download from the site since its over two gigs of information.

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